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About us

 Homeadapt is a division of Bruno Independent Living Aids Inc. in the United States.

Homeadapt stairlifts for the UK market are manufactured exclusively by Bruno and will provide you with years of dependable performance. Our stairlifts help you overcome the barriers that stairs in your home can create. Once again, you will be able to enjoy your entire house with your family and friends. A Bruno stairlift in your home allows you to stay in your home and enjoy it to the fullest!

Bruno was founded in 1984 and is North America's largest producer of stairlifts. The company is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer which ensures that whichever stairlift you select for your home meets the highest standards of quality and durability. Decades of experience translate into superior knowledge and understanding of your needs, met through the finest innovative designs. So, when the day comes to buy a stairlift, come to us for advice and guidance with confidence.

Homeadapt stairlifts are exclusively sold and installed by our network of authorized dealers. You can be confident that your specific needs will be met in a friendly and professional manner.

To find a dealer near you, please call us on +44-(0)151 559 0732.